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It can be daunting to sort through the Roman labyrinth on your own to find the perfect restaurant, wine bar, ice cream and coffee shop in markets and neighborhoods that aren’t flooded with tourists, all seeking out the same eateries.

Let Flavor of Italy take you by the hand and introduce you to new dishes along with on- and off-the-beaten-track eno-gastronomical spots, and speckle it all with culinary history that will amaze you and enrich your understanding of both  Roman and Italian culinary heritage.

Rome Culinary Walking Tours

Culinary Walking Tours

Flavor of Italy Rome Culinary Walking Tour - PorchettaIf you’re passionate about food and wine and want to delve deeper into Rome’s food culture, then join us for our culinary walking tour of Rome. We head out to the streets and neighborhoods of Rome where you’re unlikely to run into anyone but Romans out doing their market shopping, having their morning coffee and brioche and enjoying lunch at their neighborhood restaurant. We’ll join them and see what the Roman food trends are.

We’ll visit a market and see everything that’s in season and local, we’ll visit gourmet specialty shops: you’ll probably want to buy some of the amazing cheeses, prosciutto or sausages you sample to vacuum pack and take back home to enjoy.

Plan on tasting Rome’s best gelato, coffee, chocolate, wines and pastas. You might also want to pick up some specialty cooking utensils to make some of the outstanding dishes you’ll sample during this enjoyment filled day. Lunch and all tastings included.

The Rome of Fountains and Waters

Water is the driver of Nature.
— Leonardo da Vinci

We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one.
— Jacques Cousteau

Water has been the building block of life since time untold, and Rome exemplifies this perhaps more than any other city in the world. Rome is replete with aqueducts and a fascinating water system that stems back several thousand years. The city water, piped in from streams and mountains outside the city limits, is considered to be the best drinking water by far.

Almost every piazza and street in Rome’s historic center has a fountain,
each one with a fascinating history behind it. Some are huge and imposing and designed by the artistic and architectural geniuses of the world like Bernini. And some are smaller, humbler and more utilitarian in nature. Yet each reflects the history and importance of water in Rome.

Join us for this fascinating walking tour of Rome that incorporates history, architecture and food all in one. For what would food and wine be without its essential building block: water. Lunch included in tour.

Water, the Hub of Life.
Water is its mater and matrix, mother and medium.
Water is the most extraordinary substance!…
Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.

— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Wine, Beer, Cocktails of Rome, Oh My.

Romans, and all Italians, have traditionally been wine drinkers. That’s been evolving in recent years however, as Rome’s Lazio region is now producing some delicious artisanal craft beers. Italians also have their own breed of cocktail, or aperitivo, which is distinctly different from the cocktails you might be used to drinking. Some are made from the most unlikely ingredients….like artichokes!

As we walk, sample these aperitivi and learn the history behind them. Rome and Lazio are best known for their white wines but also produce some wonderful reds as well. Producers are constantly refining existing wines and producing new ones.

If you’d like to experience what Romans are drinking and learn the history behind it then allow us to take you on a beverage walking tour of Rome. We’ll visit some of the best wine bars, birrerie and other cocktail venues in the city. All tastings and lunch included.

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