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Flavor of Italy – Capri Tour

Homer’s Ulysses knew this island paradise. Roman emperors built pleasure palaces here. Absolutely one of the most sensuous spots on the face of the earth, this enchanted isle has beguiled travelers – emperors and plebeians alike – for thousands of years.

The luminescent Blue Grotto, the landmark Faraglioni rocks, the historic villas – and the fragrant local cuisine. Fish and seafood, wild quail, and freshly picked fruits and vegetables provide the basis for Caprese cuisine.

A Flavor of Your Capri Accommodation

All of the rooms offer a view of the garden and half feature large terraces where you can enjoy breakfast or relax.Perched at the heart of the island just a few minutes from Capri’s famous square la Piazzetta, your hotel epitomizes the simple elegance so typical of Caprese architecture. Graceful arches and soothing colors, a lush garden and picturesque entrance provide a comforting and welcoming atmosphere. Fine marble and majolica floors, plus decorative elements in hand-made ceramic and wrought iron add the touch of luxury.

A Flavor of Your Food Holiday on Capri

Fish and seafood, wild quail, and freshly picked fruits and vegetables provide the basis for Caprese cuisine. When prepared with just the right balance of olive oil, mint, cumin, garlic, basil, parsley, marjoram, onion, wild oregano or hot pepper – depending on the cook’s whim -these basic ingredients become masterpieces. The addition of anchovies, capers and olives further enhances this exquisite flavor of Italy

Flavor of Italy Food Vacations – Capri Tour

Some of the dishes you might try, or prepare yourself, while on Capri include linguine drizzled with a rich sauce of grouper and scorpion fish, calamari stuffed with pine nuts and raisins, anchovies marinated in citrus sauce, vermicelli made with a lively sea urchin sauce, or wild quail prepared with pancetta, onions and fresh peas in a white wine sauce. Not to be forgotten is the famous insalata caprese, first introduced in Anacapri in the early 1900’s, and prepared by alternating slices of the freshest, whitest mozzarella di bufala cheese and tomatoes. Fresh basil leaves and olive oil provide the finishing touch.

A Flavor of Your Food Holiday in Capri

Tucked into an enchanting cove on Capri’s southern coast is the restaurant where you learn the essentials of Caprese cuisine. The chef has spent the past quarter of a century turning the simplest and freshest ingredients into works of culinary art. His specialties cover a wide spectrum of Mediterranean and island-inspired dishes, many with a particular emphasis on the succulent seafood plucked daily from the azure waters right outside the door.

Your hands-on cooking course will be conducted in the restaurant’s kitchen. (Flavor of Italy has chosen this charming location to balance your introduction to Caprese cooking with your desire to enjoy the glorious sun and sea.) As an added bonus, sommeliers will join us to demonstrate which wines best enhance the flavor of your recipes. Each day, students will prepare a full Caprese meal – then sit down to a feast!

Day 1: Today you arrive on the island of Capri, settle into your room and take some time to enjoy the fabulous view! Then come along to the restaurant for a welcome cocktail with the chef, who will provide an overview of your week’s culinary adventure.

Day 2: We’ll start your course with a trip to the local fish market to shop for the catch of the day and other ingredients for this morning’s cooking lesson. Today, among other recipes, the chef will share his secret for zuppa di pesce. You never knew fish soup could taste quite like this! The chef will also teach you the basics of cleaning and preparing fish. Your afternoon is free to relax and roam the island.

Day 3: Your cooking class this morning will focus on primi piatti, the all-important first course. A particular island specialty is ravioli Caprese, delicious pasta stuffed with sheep’s-milk cheese, and topped with a delectable sauce made from the island-grown Pacchino tomato. Today, we’ll be cooking with the cheese that , the chef makes himself!

Flavor of Italy Food Vacations – Capri TourThis afternoon you might want to venture up to Anacapri, the island’s second major town. From here you can stroll to the beautiful Villa San Michele, lovingly built by the Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe. (His book, The Story of San Michele, is a classic. Munthe, like so many others, came to visit the island and found he couldn’t bear to leave.) Both the villa – and the view – are spectacular.

Day 4: Today’s lesson in Caprese gastronomy pays special tribute to the Capri sun, which produces some of the most succulent citrus fruits in the entire world. Desserts and liqueurs highlight this morning’s class. You might learn to make Lemon Soufflé – with fruit picked right out of the garden. , The chef might demonstrate how to prepare Capri’s most famous liqueur, limoncello, or his signature Mandarin Orange Liqueur – both of which embody the essence of the flavor of Capri.

Spend your afternoon relaxing by the pool, or enjoy a swim in the sea.

Day 5: Today, you will not only learn how to pronounce gnocchi, but you may just learn how to roll those scrumptious little dumplings. Gnocchi with a light fish or eggplant sauce make a delightful meal. If it’s pasta day instead, , the chef may suggest pasta alla Puttanesca, flavored with the divine little capers that grow on these islands.

Capri is filled with lovely boutiques that feature everything from clothing to jewellry to ceramics and more. Spend your afternoon browsing the shops and purchasing a few gifts.

Day 6: Today the cooking class will be held in the afternoon. This morning for those who are keen to discover the most remote corners of the island, the hotel can arrange your boat transportation, thus allowing you to set off and discover the famous Blue Grotto and more.

This afternoon your chef will concentrate on fish as a main course. The chef might teach you to make one of his specialties: pesce alla Saracena. This recipe combines the catch of the day with the olives and capers that bring out the finest flavor of the isle. You’ll also learn to make flavorful accompaniments to fresh fish.

Day 7: Your culinary experience comes to an end! Following breakfast on your hotel’s lovely terrace and the distribution of course certificates and recipe booklets, you will depart by boat for the mainland.

Details, details.

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  • 6 nights double room accommodation & breakfast
  • 5 cooking classes
  • 4 lunches, 2 dinners
  • Course certificate, recipe booklet & commemorative hand-painted Vietri ceramic plate


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