Flavor of Italy Weekly Podcast!

Stay tuned for our new weekly podcast!

Flavor of Italy is always out and about meeting local farmers & purveyors, restaurateurs & winery owners, and exploring unique accommodation options. We visit new towns and the less traveled areas of the Eternal City, the Lazio region and beyond. Each and every person we encounter has a unique and fascinating story to tell. We’ve decided it’s time to share these stories with you!

Every week we’ll share a unique story with you, our blog will feature the show notes from each podcast: pictures, useful links and additional information.

Flavor of Italy Food Vacations — Calabria

Here’s just one example of the fascinating people we’ll be featuring…

This gentleman hails from Diamante in Calabria, which holds its annual hot pepper festival every September. Residents take great pride in stringing their hot peppers to hang them on display, and in creating delectable recipes using these spicy peperoncini. Recipes includes desserts as well as savory dishes!

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