Reward your team with Italian Cuisine
Nothing Builds a Team Like Cuisine

Team-building events have a host of positive outcomes for your business:

  •    Boost morale
  •    Foster solidarity and collaboration
  •    Improve communication
  •    Break down barriers
  •    Build new relationships with work colleagues and customers
  •    Improve time management skills
  •    Stimulate problem solving skills
  •    Stimulate creativity
They’re limited solely by your imagination and goals.

Corporate Culinary Team Building

Incentive and Reward Trips

Flavor of Italy Culinary Team BuildingReward employees for outstanding performance, and offer incentive and bonus options for both your employees and customers with day or long weekend trips. These are only a few of the destinations you may want to consider:

Visit wineries, picturesque Tuscan towns, and a thermal bath.

Visit charming hill and coastal towns, a mozzarella production facility and a winery.

Visit this a local family-owned textile producer, and olive oil producer.

Team Building Events

Flavor of Italy Culinary Team BuildingCreate an enjoyable culinary team building exercise for employees or customers: a fun and collaborative way to get to know one another.

Here are just a few of the formats you may consider:

Five white wines and five red wines will be presented by a sommelier and sampled by all participants. The same wines will then be poured again and teams of four to five participants will work together to correctly identify the wines. Bottles of wine will be given to the winning team.

›› FUSION COOKING Team Building
Flavor of Italy Culinary Team Building Vietri plateParticipants will be divided into teams of four or five. An Italian menu will be provided to all participants. Standard ingredients from other cuisines (typically Thai, Chinese, Mexican and Middle Eastern) will be available and each team must select a cuisine and create a fusion variation of the Italian menu.  An award will be given for the best fusion menu created.

Teams of four to five will use tokens to purchase ingredients for a meal created by the team. The meal will be rated on a variety of parameters including originality, taste, presentation, speed of preparation, cost of ingredients and sustainability. The winning team will receive a prize.

Seating will change after each of the four courses, which allows all participants to get to know each other over the course of the meal.

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