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Most classes start with a market tour that allow you to get a feel for what is local and seasonal, and what kinds of foods Italians use in their cooking. At the market you’ll see a host of fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, meats, cheeses, pasta and breads. We’ll purchase the ingredients needed for the class and then head back to Flavor of Italy for the class.

All classes, whatever the format or theme you have chosen, are hands on. Some of our more successful classes are listed below. Classes are one day or longer. Contact us to custom design a cooking class of your own

Rome Cooking Classes

One-Day Gourmet

A Food Afficianado’s Dream

Flavor of Italy Rome Cooking Class VillaWe’ll start your culinary experience off with a visit to one of Rome’s top markets in a charming neighborhood. No tourists here; just Romans out doing their daily market shopping. First we’ll stop by an amazing bakery: full of incredible pastries and sweets that are not only delicious but eye candy in and of themselves! Before we enter the market we’ll stop for a mid morning coffee at a local coffee bar.

Then to market to purchase fresh ingredients for today’s class. We’ll select them together: what’s in season and local. along with your wish list of dishes you’d like to prepare. Then it’s back to Flavor of Italy to prepare a sumptuous meal. Classes are completely hands-on so be prepared to knead dough, chop & dice; it’s the only way to learn!

Once the meal is prepared, we will sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labor along with some lovely local wine on Flavor of Italy’s panoramic, breezy terrace. If it’s a really hot day, bring along your suit; you can even go for a dip after class! During the wintertime, lunch is served next to a crackling fire.

Choose Regional Cuisine

Regional Specialites in Depth

Flavor of Italy Rome Cooking Class - Pasta MedaliansOur regional cooking classes explore Italy’s various regional culinary traditions; your cooking class can be tailor-made to explore a region in depth.

Choose Tuscany with its hearty ribollita, roast game, fabulous Chianti wines. Or perhaps Sicily with its Arab and Greek influenced cuisine: couscous, bottarga, sarde beccafico, tuna and swordfish dishes and cannoli. Maybe you prefer the more delicate dishes from the northern regions of Italy: risotto recipes are many and varied and great to explore. like that from the Po valley, the most fertile area of cultivation in Italy and not surprisingly the area where rice consumption is at its highest.

Italy has twenty regions each with unique culinary customs and food. Pick the region, we’ll explore it and prepare some of its best dishes, accompanied by the region’s wines.

Pizza Making Class

The Secret’s in the Dough

Pizza is one of the most enjoyable dishes, prepared and eaten worldwide by both young and old. It’s a great party dish and fun to make with family and friends. So why not learn how to make it and take your Italian pizza making expertise back home to share?

Flavor of Italy follows age-old tradition with our wood-burning pizza oven to bake pizza. You’ll learn how to fire up the oven and to use necessary tools to get pizza in and out (it’s not as easy it looks)!

The secret’s in the dough, of course. We use a recipe handed down to us from friends who have been making pizza for generations, mixing and kneading by hand on a marble work surface.

While the dough rises, we’ll prepare a multitude of ingredients to top the pizza, along with the perfect sauce. We’ll create familiar pizze along with other Italian classics like the Capricciosa, with an egg cracked open on top just before it goes into the oven! You may even invent your own.

The class includes all-you-can-eat pizza, salad, and wine—naturally.

Student Cooking Programs

Flavor of Italy Rome Cooking ClassFlavor of Italy organizes custom designed culinary programs for students, and can combine culinary studies so that they relate with other educational disciplines including Italian language, art, history and fashion.

Programs are offered in conjunction with accredited American universities and Italian educational institutions, and are available to combine with summer programs and semester abroad programs. We also off summer programs and term break trips for high school students.

Accommodation is provided with host families or in apartments; high school term break trips will stay in hotels.


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